Nature Volve Magazine, vol 4 12.08.2019

“Handmade creams influenced by science stay true to nature

Organic chemistry provides the knowledge required to develop various health products, such as creams that keep our skin healthy.

From a small lab in Bulgaria, Maia Mitreva takes her knowledge from her organic chemistry studies, and blends it with artistic creativity, to create a diverse range of natural skincare products through the Handmaids brand. Maia Mitreva shares more about the inspiration behind the development of Handmaids, and the company’s natural botanical creations.”


SO WOW Magazine, 21.05.2019

“The Lavender Hand Balm by Handmaids is everything you need for your hands.

Never forget your under-eye area! Handmaids also produce this miraculous Carrot Eye Cream that helps to restore the natural skin balance hydrating, rejuvenating and refreshing it thanks to jojoba oil, carrot seed essential oil and the Bulgarian Rose Water. “


Ana Goes Green, 23.08.2017

“Brand to watch: Handmaids”

“…Handmaids are an example of how, if you search out a niche, less well-known brands you can find some gorgeous products at really good prices. The brand has lovely ingredients, formulas and a fun approach to their branding and packaging that makes them stand out, in what has become a very dull sea of samey looking packaging and brands.” READ MORE

Galia Simeonova, 11.07.2017

“Handmaids – The Good Choice!”

„…I use these 3 products altogether and my skin is now deeply hydrated and very soft to touch. These lovely “ointments” do their work excellently without containing artificial scents, colours, parabens etc. These are simply a healthy dose of care for the skin.’ READ MORE

Ana Goes Green, 07.03.2017

“Skincare products perfect for a cold”

“…Handmaids, a fabulous little store I have discovered based in Bulgaria…The Sore Nose Balm… does the job better than anything else I have tried before…a total winner.”READ MORE

Healthy Inspiration, 28.03.2017

“HANDMAIDS – pure skin food”

“It is really important to feed our bodies from the inside and the outside. This is the way to a healthy, beautiful and a happy I.” READ MORE

Formula Botanica, 05.08.2016

“Maia Mitreva launches Handmaids Cosmetic”

“We are surrounded by amazing formulators and entrepreneurs, all over the world, who each have their own inspiring story and passion. Today we speak to Maia from Handmaids Cosmetic, based in Bulgaria.” READ MORE

Momichetata ot grada, 23.10.2015

“The natural skincare we trusted”

“This is that The Girls From the City described and tell us about the upcoming Mish Mash fest edition.” READ MORE

View Sofia, 16.09.2015

“The Good Small Business: All natural, handmade and personal by Handmaids”

“Handmaids start with the idea of something good. They are convinced that the market has a strong need for a good Bulgarian product and they take on the challenge – they start formulating skincare – naturally, handmade and personally.” READ MORE

Momichetata ot grada, 02.05.2015

A natural skincare Handmaids

“I recently discovered and tried a new Bulgarian brand for all-natural, handmade skin care. It’s called Handmaids and I believe I should definitely introduce you to it. READ MORE

Eco & Easy, 29.04.2015

How to make natural skincare

“What happens when three girls realize that the market desperately needs a good, local product and they decide to do something about it.” READ MORE

Programata, 05.02.2015

With Hands & Heart

“We love seeing people who follow their dreams. Sometimes we meet them in a bakery for hand made bread, or in crafter beer shops – and sometimes we find them in a little laboratory at the far end of Sofia.”

Capital Light, 12.12.2014

Hey, Hands

A selection of handmade gifts directly from their creators.